Celebrate Teen Read Week with this Salem Witch Trials Podcast!

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Don’t forget, Teen Read Week 2013 is October 13th-19th. It’s an initiative that was created by YALSA (Young AdultLibrary Services Association) to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users. We believe that reading is tremendously important! In honor of Teen Read Week, we want to encourage teens to read, and promote digital literacy.

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With the use of audio and video on the rise, reading print materials is becoming a small percentage of how we gather information. In lieu of reading print materials, people are reading online articles, watching videos and listening to audio. Our GNN podcasts combine audio and online reading, creating the perfect synergy to promote digital literacy. Students can listen to the podcasts while they read the articles to supplement learning. Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve chosen to feature a horrifying podcast to entice teens to read and to celebrate this hair-raising holiday.

This GNN podcast dives into the chilling tale of the Salem witch trials. Uncover the factors that pushed the villagers of Salem, Massachusetts to their breaking point and learn about the witch hunt that led twenty villagers to their graves.

We have also launched a Maps101 public library collection. This collection is filled with primary source information, articles on current events, historic reference materials, maps, videos and more. Library users can access weekly Geography News Network articles, Spanish language content, National Geographic content, reference maps and the maps collections.

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Maps101 blog

Celebrate Teen Read Week with this Salem Witch Trials Podcast!

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