GNN Podcast: Columbus’s Voyage

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It’s Columbus Day! This Geography News Network Article podcast is an historical description of Christopher Columbus‘s role in discovering the Americas. It takes listeners through a journey that begins with his childhood in GenoaItaly and his quest for financing from the king and queen of Spain. It continues through his voyage to the Americas on the Santa Maria. The podcast also covers  the impact that his discovery had on Europe and subsequent world history. Observe Columbus Day with this podcast of Columbus’s voyage! Check out this GNN article on or listen to the podcast below.


GNN Podcast: Columbus’s Voyage

2 thoughts on “GNN Podcast: Columbus’s Voyage

  1. Vespa says:

    Prove that he spent his childhood in Genoa, Italy.
    Someone with that background could never marry a Portuguese noblewoman (especially at an age immense wealth in the kingdom of Portugal) and run her father lands in the village of Cuba, Alentejo (Portugal).
    As far as I know that Genoese theory is long gone.

    Anyway, keep on with it, sooner or later that Genoese will become somebody else:-) .

  2. @Vespa, Columbus married into a family of nobility, but one that was on the decline that was nobility only because they had the titles, but no longer the fortune. Columbus on the other hand, aspired to nobility, but only had the money but not the connections. This was a mutually beneficially arrangement for the two houses. I have not read anything that puts his birthplace somewhere else except for an absurd assertion that since his logs were in perfect Spanish, he must’ve been a Spaniard. I think the scribe ‘fixed’ any grammatical errors in Columbus’ speech as best he could. Please share an other theories on his birthplace if you find any.

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