Lesson Plan: Changes in Latitudes


Latitude is a abstract but essential geographical concept that can stump children in the classroom. This activity clarifies the idea by clearly labeling major latitudinal lines on a world map. Children are able to lift up the thicker labeled lines to reveal the countries and regions that fall under them. This creates an interactive learning experience that inspires kids to ask questions about the location of the lines and their meaning.

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The Wise Nest has created a helpful video that explains the process of creating the interactive sheet. A printable cut out is included to make your life even easier. This is an informative activity for the classroom and homeschooled children. Help them understand the latitude lines of our planet the easy way.

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Image credit: The Wise Nest

We think that a solid geography education is very important. Do you have any lesson plans that you think we should feature? We would love to hear from you. Send your submissions here.

Lesson Plan: Changes in Latitudes

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