New ebook from GITN Authors Neal and Mandy Lineback.

Dr Neal Lineback has published a collection of some of the top Geography in the News Articles from last year in a new ebook.

The book includes 19 articles grouped under several related categories from ‘The Human Condition’ to ‘Environmental Impact’. The book pulls together stories whose impact is currently highly topical, such as the Middle East beginning with the Tunisian uprising back in January 2011.

These articles are available for the first time in this format to the wider public, following their availability on a weekly basis to Maps101 subscribers.

Geography in the News is read by thousands of teachers and students across the country each week. The concept was originally developed by Dr Lineback – Professor Emeritus at Appalachian State University – to help school students understand why events happening many thousands of miles away were relevant to their daily lives – beginning with the Vietnam War.

Lineback World View ebook

Neal was encouraged to take the product public, and produced it for local newspapers for a short period. It was syndicated for Maps101 as part of its online resource for K-12 schools and has grown rapidly since then.

The ebook follows hot on the heels of  a recently launched blog where fans of GITN can see how articles are researched (frequently by Mandy Lineback, who co-authored this book) put together and then updated and revised. The blog itself contains many interesting articles under the title ‘Didjuno’ and includes informastion and  links to wider research. Both Neal and Mandy have field experience on a variety of projects around the world including environmental research. They have both authored traditional print books in the past.

The book can currently be purchased at and also through the online ebook marketplace It is currently available in PDF format, which should be compatible with most portable devices including the Apple iPad.

Maps101 blog subscribers can enjoy a $3 discount on the usual $5.99 asking price by entering the code LWV299 at checkout! Click here to buy or download the PDF Information Sheet. for full details.

New ebook from GITN Authors Neal and Mandy Lineback.

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