Map of the Week: Shrimp Scampi


International shrimp cocktail anyone?  More…

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When Skies are Grey – new field trip collection makes students, teachers happy.

While extreme weather, natural disasters and diseases are almost never welcome, they shape our world on a multitude of levels. They also provide ‘teachable moments’ when they occur and provide teachers with high profile opportunities to teach complex topics with real world examples.

Today we are delighted to launch another collection of our virtual field trips this time covering Weather and Science.

Field Trip Library Hurricanes

Hurricanes and Tornados field trip

Titles include –

  • Storm surges and tides
  • Extreme Weather
  • Climate Change
  • Hurricanes and Tornadoes
  • Ocean Currents

Students can follow the map or various points of interest to explore the subject at hand. Teachers can use the Field Trips as a presentation tool or as a precursor to project-based learning. Critical thinking and quiz questions are included to provoke discussion and test comprehension.

For Maps101 subscribers, Field Trip Library is available as an upgrade. Find out more by clicking the Field Trip Library tab on the left side of your Maps101 home page.


For non-subscribers, find out more about field trip library here.

There is also a free downloadable poster showing the Fujita Tornado Damage Scale – great for the classroom wall.

Map of the Week: Sun-Dried


You couldn’t have ants on a log without them (celery, peanut, with raisins, yum yum!) more…

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Now discover America’s history through virtual field trips

Now Departing!  Guided tours of American History thanks to the latest in the Field Trip Library.

       Immigrants Field Trip

Immigrants to America Field Trip

This week saw the launch of the latest collection of classroom resources which combine Maps101’s original educational content and Esri’s story map technology to provide an interactive, engaging experience for students.

This American History Collection follows the recently released Early Learner field trips and covers popular curriculum-based topics:

  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Bill of Rights
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Immigrants to America
  • The Impact of Civil Rights
  • State Capitals
  • Native Americans
  • The Monroe Doctrine
  • The Great Depression

Each field trip includes a map-based tour with points of interest showing explanations, photographs, infographics, quiz questions and further reading.

Native Americans

Native American Dwellings across the US

The underlying concept behind the field trips is that teachers can save time and engage students using field trips to simplify otherwise complex topics using location and time to tell the story.

Don’t Have a Maps101 or Field Trip Library subscription? 

FIeld Trip Library is available as part of the subscription resource Maps101, currently accessed by over 4500 schools across the United States each day. Educators can find more information at the Field Trip Library website.

They can also download a free Native Americans poster graphic here.

Map of the Week: Compost Pile


Pour some sugar on me!

Wait, actually don’t do that. Just toss your veggie scraps and eggshells on your compost for best results more…

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Map of the Week: Garlic Flavor


On pizza, in soups, or to treat the common cold, garlic is a huge part of our diet more…

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