Moro Insurgency Heating up in the Philippines

Over one hundred people were killed by bombings that were related to the Moro Insurgency in the Philippines in January and February. This podcast explores the religious tensions that are fueling this insurgency. It explores the geographic and the historic reasoning behind the conflict between Islam and Christianity in the Philippines.


A New Global Female Super Hero

This podcast examines the Burka Avenger, a new educational children’s cartoon with a crime fighting heroine. It also delves into the religious meaning behind the traditional attire for Muslim women and the Five Pillars of Islam. Listeners will also discover the varying opinions of professions on the decision to have the main character wear a burka.


The New Madrid Earthquakes

This podcast discusses the massive earthquakes that occurred in the New Madrid Seismic Zone in 1812. Today, major cities like Memphis, St. Louis, Nashville, and Little Rock lie in the NMSZ. What kind of impact do you think a substantial earthquake would have on these modern cities?


GNN Podcast: Polar Vortex Creates Record Chill in U.S.


Discover the geographical perspective behind the illusive polar vortex and the cause of record cold temperatures that burdened a large portion of the United States during January. Listeners will also find varying opinions on whether the cold snap was caused by global climate change or was merely a part of normal weather patterns. To read the entire article please visit and to listen to our entire collection of on Stitcher.

GNN Podcast: Because Washington Crossed the Delaware

President’s Day is the perfect time to honor our first president, George Washington. This podcast explains the route that Washington and his troops took while crossing the Delaware River. Listeners will also discover the pivotal importance that this victory played on the Revolutionary War and American history. To read this entire article and to listen to our entire podcast collection, please visit

Delaware_GNN copy

Maps of the Week: Frigid

Maps101 blog

This map of the week shows the all-time lowest temperature by state. Alaska has recorded temperatures as low as  -80 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s the lowest temperature that you’ve ever experienced?

GNN Podcast: Why We Celebrate Martin Luther King Day

To read the entire article please visit



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